New and affordable chic European hotels

SPAIN – Hotel Consolación, Aragón | Being miles from anywhere of consequence, the Hotel Consolación is an unlikely but happy find – one that successfully combines a 14th-century hermitage with zippy modern architecture in a breathtaking landscape. The main part of the hotel houses a restaurant, open-plan kitchen (where breakfast is served), lounge and library as well … Continue reading

Baratto Wine Day at TerroirVino in Genova

The whole day dedicated to the free barter of wine. It will take place on Monday June 13th, 2011, during Terroir Vino, the new edition of Baratto Wine Day (BWD). The appointment is at Magazzini del Cotone in Genova, inside the Porto antico area, from 10 am to 8 pm. During the whole manifestation it will be possible … Continue reading

Casa Fez – Portugal, by Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira

We have all seen more than enough of the stacked-boxes genre of architecture. Boring, cold, uninviting, uninhabitable and so last decade. Yet, once in a while, a set of images crosses our desks of a project that could potentially fall into the has-been category but doesn’t, and instead makes us look again and ponder the … Continue reading