Blind dining at Dans le noir

  A French restaurant where diners cannot see what they are eating, often spill their wine and must conduct conversations while staring into pitch darkness has proved such a success in Europe that it is making a foray into the Americas. After expanding from Paris into London, Moscow, Barcelona and St. Petersburg, the “Dans Le … Continue reading

Virgin America: The affordable luxury skies

It’s a truism – not to mention a first world problem – to say that once you’ve experienced first class air travel, you’ll never want to turn right on an airplane ever again. Unfortunately, as habits go, paying for upgraded travel makes heroin look cost-effective – costing somewhere in the order of $1,000 an hour … Continue reading

Yves Béhar Wins Second INDEX Award

For the second time, San Francisco industrial designer Yves Béhar has won the INDEX Award, a 100,000 Euro prize given to five life-improving design projects by a Danish nonprofit. This year, Béhar’s program “See Better to Learn Better,” a system for delivering attractive, affordable eyeglasses to school-age children, has been presented with one of the … Continue reading

Movia: Winery of the year 2011

At Wine & Spirits, they have selected Movia as a Winery of the Year. Each year, their panels and critics blind taste more than 10,000 wines, selecting the best for recommendation in the magazine. Their Top 100 Wineries of the Year highlights brands with a range of wines their critics have scored at the top of their categories. … Continue reading

Low-Alcohol Cocktails

F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal, Styling by Anne Cardenas Left to right: Barkeeper’s Whimsy, Torino Fizz and Marylebone High  Some nights, looking at a Manhattan is enough to reintroduce a hangover. But nobody said that cocktails had to be so boozy. Before you reach for the club soda, however, know that there is … Continue reading

Some of the best places in the world to drink coffee

You can get coffee anywhere in the world and although it might vary from place to place, it has been universally embraced as the hot beverage of the morning. Some say they can’t even work without it. Others would rather give up smoking than their caffeine habit. Paris Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre … Continue reading

Yves Behar for Herman Miller: A great working chair for an afordable price

The aim of the Herman Miller Sayl Chair, designed by Yves Béhar, is to maximize comfort while minimizing materials. For inspiration, Béhar looked to the suspension bridges of San Francisco. It took Béhar and Herman Miller two and a half years to perfect the chair, which employs a novel “3D Intelligent Suspension Back” instead of … Continue reading

The Apple Store of Marijuana Shops

Not into the stoner aesthetic but still want your pot straight from the local dispensary? The San Francisco Patient and Resource Center (SPARC) has you covered. This recently opened San Francisco dispensary combines the sleekness of an Apple store with the quality strains of marijuana that Californians have come to expect from the corner pot … Continue reading

Waiter, There’s Soup in My Bug

After introducing San Francisco to a fine dining experience of insects and worms, chef Phil Ross is bringing these creatures to New York City. The Brooklyn Kitchen has been seeing a buzz of activity lately, mainly of customers wanting to try this new type of food made from edible insects. While some of them try … Continue reading