Interview: Matej Tomažič, Majerija, Slap (Vipava), Slovenia

Matej is very talented chef who could easily create with his knowledge and creativity a haute cuisine restaurant, but has decided to dedicate his work to tradition and so was, with strong support of his wife Nataša, born Majerija. A paradise in the heart of Vipava valley for everybody who wants to discover the true tastes … Continue reading

Triumph of Herbs – Majerija (Slap, Vipava Valley, Slovenia)

When we arrived to Majerija rain was falling and no sun was on the horizon. We were searching for the entrance after being refreshed by a shower of  raindrops and strong wind (burja/bora) which was combing the nature around the house and spreading the perfumes of herbs. The inside was warm and cosy, interior is made … Continue reading