A master craftsman’s line of carbon steel knives for at-home chefs

The term “Master Bladesmith” may stir images of medieval men hammering steel on anvils, preparing for battle. Yet visit the workshop of Bob Kramer, one of only a hundred certified such experts in the world, and you’ll find a modern craftsman at work, renowned for his custom-made carbon steel blades—which regularly sell for up to $26,000 … Continue reading

MoMA Spring/Summer 2011

With over 125 products included in the new collection, selecting favorites from the MoMA Spring/Summer 2011 preview is no easy feat. While the MoMA store’s product preview always has excited for the shopping year ahead, a few designs stood out for their “faux” ingenuity.   Loose Leaf Door Stop Thai designer Teerachai Suppameteekulwat’s green leaf-shaped doorstop ($14) … Continue reading