Double Fantasy: pastry chef Antonino Maresca & chef Janez Bratovž (+ wines: Batič)

Saturday, February 25th was a specially tasty day! Two great artists of taste have worked hand in hand. The great Slovenian chef Janez Bratovž has presented some of his best plates. After that it was Antonino’s turn. Antonino’s “home” is two-stared Michelin restaurant il Mosaico at island of Ischia in italy and he is a … Continue reading

Interview: Nino Di Costanzo, Il Mosaico, Terme Manzi (Ischia, Italy)

Nino di Costanzo, young but very successful chef with two Michelin stars creates his plates like canvas on which he conjures compositions of colours, forms and tastes. His art works seem inspired by Mondrian, Kandinsky and other abstract painters just that they are eatable – and  more  – as same as they are pleasant for … Continue reading