Chocolate with real gold packed with Swarovski crystals

It’s not unusual for gold to be used in products for food and drink. The Chocolate is so special because the chocolate comes with 24 karat gold flakes and is wrapped with Swarovski crystals. A fusion of British artisan and Italian passion, the Chocolate has taken more than two years to perfect and then offer this pleasure of sensory experience. … Continue reading

St. Martins day with truffle hunt, truffle dinner and great Rojac wines

What happens when duck is replaced with truffles? Discover it on Saturday the 13th of November. An event for all of you who don’t want to miss St. Martin’s day but prefer to live it in a different way. We guarantee – it will be unforgettable. What is waiting for us? ★  Truffle hunt, ★ … Continue reading

Milan and his castle (Castle Socerb, Slovenia)

The castle of Socerb, which is situated in Slovenia, close to Koper (Capodistria) and Trieste, is a small castle. Very small. But great because of it’s beauty, because of the views it offers and because of Milan who is taking care of this wonderful monument and the restaurant which is situated in it already for … Continue reading

The most sinful tastes

The Chinese may enthuse about the perfect swallow’s nest and the Russians can’t seem to get enough of borscht. There are only a few rare delicacies, like the serial-killer puffer fish, however, that can actually make eating a deadly endeavor. Meanwhile, some legendary foods travel around the world before they make their way onto diners’ … Continue reading