Dalla Slovenia con Amore / From Slovenia with Love in Milano

On January 30th has in the Westin Palace in Milano happened a special event. A group of some of the best Slovenian chefs and winemakers has in organisation of Carpe Diem Club and with support of Il Gusto/Gribaudo, Grandecucina, Cucina Gourmet and Westin Palace in Milano prepared an evening for all the friends and collegues, called “Dalla Slovenia con Amore”. … Continue reading

“From Slovenia With Love” in Milano

Slovenian chefs and wine makers put a lot of passion in all that they do and are very appreciated also by their colleagues, publicists and foodies abroad. To continue in  the same way, to maintain and even strengthen the relations which were developed – friendships and collaborations, to develop also new relations and to show … Continue reading

The Story of Movia – by Aleš Kristančič

Movia is a story of tradition and innovation, a story of respect and daring. Above all it is a story. Movia has charmed all who visit the estate and hear the story, giving into the passionate flow of words with which Aleš Kristančič tells the story of the winery and the wine. Today Kristančič is … Continue reading

Congratulations to Movia!

Congratulations to Movia and the whole team: Wine & Spirits have selected Movia as a Winery of the Year. Each year, their blind tasting panels reviews more than 10,000 wines and passes the best along to their critics. Their annual Wineries of the Year list is made up of brands who produce a range of wines … Continue reading

Water for the Body, Wine for the Soul / Movia

When the talk turns to Slovenian wine, most connoisseurs will think of Movia. The magnificent Veliko Rdeče (The Great Red) and Veliko Belo (The Great White); the simple and sincere – but so perfect in her simplicity and sincerity – Rebula; Lunar crowned by the powerful magic of the moon; Puro, which, in its primordial … Continue reading