Gino Sorbillo’s tribute to Steve Jobs

Last night died Steve Jobs, the Leonardo da Vinci of our era. Passionate visionary man who has left strong traces in the world we are living. “Almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is … Continue reading

The Coolest Gadgets

James Bond made it sexy: The gadget! A real man must have gadgets! Characterized by ease of use and high functionality, technological novelty and of course, the highest aesthetic standards of design and material, gadgets have become status symbols. But unlike a pen with a built-in machine gun, gadgets for real life are made with … Continue reading

A hunter shoots a bear! – excellent interactive advertising campaign

“A hunter shoots a bear!” is the title of a great interactive advertising campaign video from Tipp-Ex with the collaboration of YouTube. The particularity of this video stunt is it’s very original way to interact with the viewer. The video was published in August 2010. The fact that the character interacts with elements outside the video and … Continue reading

Wari restaurant: Cannibalism is not forbidden in Germany!

Yesterday we posted informations about the opening of the Wari cannibalistic restaurant Filme  which which should be opened in Berlin. (Read the post here.) I was deeply hoping that all this is only a bad joke/guerilla marketing, but after looking at the video bellow it seems less and lass a joke (video in brasilian portughese … Continue reading

The Story of Movia – by Aleš Kristančič

Movia is a story of tradition and innovation, a story of respect and daring. Above all it is a story. Movia has charmed all who visit the estate and hear the story, giving into the passionate flow of words with which Aleš Kristančič tells the story of the winery and the wine. Today Kristančič is … Continue reading