Fritole with soul (with recipe)

Fritole with soul (fancli z dušo / fritole con l’anima) is a simple but extremely tasty traditional dish prepared in the Karst. It’s an old recipe of the poor people. In the heart of fritole is hidden the anchovy filet which was available in every house in every season. When there were no refrigerators yet, … Continue reading

Discovering the Tastes

RED BARBERA plummy and cherryish undertones of sweet vanilla The high-in-acid BARBERA grape of north-western Italy is a chameleon-like grape which changes considerably according to yield. As an everyday variety, it is a juicy glugger but it can metapmorphose into a concentrated, rich, plummy and cherryish wine with undertones of sweet vanilla and spice when … Continue reading

The unfathomable set of rules for wine

Wine, perhaps more than any other perishable consumer good, is hidebound by an often unfathomable set of rules. By far the largest reader response was received for an article which suggested that we chill our wines too much. In the height of summer, it can get stiflingly hot and one craves a chilled glass of … Continue reading