Malt Advocate Shocks Scotland: Names Indian Amrut “World Whisky of the Year”

The influential Malt Advocate Magazine has named Indian whisky Amrut Fusion “World Whisky of the Year.”

It is the second major honor bestowed upon Amrut’s Fusion, having been named third best whiskey of the year in the 2010 edition of “The Whisky Bible.” This time, it scored top of the heap worldwide, besting and shocking Scotland, American and Canadian whiskey producers.

World Whisky of the Year is a new award category for the magazine. Editor John Hansell says: “We created this category to recognize that there are some wonderful whiskies being produced in countries like Japan, India, Sweden, England, and many more, but there aren’t enough whiskies made in any of these countries (and imported to the United States) to warrant their own category.”

Amrut Fusion, about $60.00, sold in the U.S. bears no age statement, but contains no whisky aged more than six years old. Much of the whisky in Fusion is less than four years in the barrel. Aging in second-fill casks in India speeds maturation because of India’s warm climate. The whisky is made from combining Indian malted barley with peated Scottish malt.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, Amrut Distilleries Ltd. belongs to the N.R. Jagdale Group, which is an old line Indian industrial company based in Bangalore. The company also produces vodka, gin, brandy and rum.

Malt Advocate awards honors for several other categories. Of the six major product awards, it is worth noting that only one is currently priced above $100.00.

Click links below for detailed Luxist reviews and inormation about the products and distillieries.

Scotch Whisky Single Malt of the Year
Glenfarclas 40-Year old: At $460.00 Malt Advocate calls this single-malt a “steal.”

Scotch Whisky Blend of the Year
Compass Box “Flaming Heart”: A blend of malt whiskies from seven distilleries in three regions of Scotland, Compass Box proves again that you don’t have to make your own whisky to produce great blends. Price: About $85.00.

Irish Whiskey of the Year
Redbreast 12 Year Old: Redbreast is the only 100% pot-stilled Irish Whiskey available in the U.S. This victory for the 12-year old is quite a coupe considering that Redbreast, not to mention Jameson’s an Bushmills, has older whiskies. Price: About $40.00. 

Canadian Whisky of The Year
Forty Creek Confederation Oak
From Kittling Ridge Distillery, this is a ‘craft” whisky aged in Canadian, not American, oak barrels from trees growing only 40 miles from the distillery. Price: About $70.00 (Canadian).

American Whiskey of the Year
Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2010: The magazine has awarded its prize to Buffalo Trace’s collection, which includes expressions of Thomas Handy Straight Rye; Sazerac Rye, George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Whiskey; William L. Weller Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Prices: Varied.

Artisan Whiskey of the Year
Kilchoman (Summer 2010 Release): This Scottish whisky has only been operating since 2005. It’s a peat infused small-batch whisky. Just three years old before bottling, after aging in American ex-Bourbon barrels, Malt Advocate says it was “blown away” by the taste and quality. Price: About $70.00.



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