Photo Gallery Kopper Cress Tour Italia – 6th stop: Lazio, Villa Grazioli with chef Fabio Lai

Chef Fabio Lai. (Photo by Paolo Picciotto)

Koppert Cress specializes in cresses; seedlings of unique plants, which each have their own specific effect on the senses. Flavour, fragrance, feel or presentation, there is a cress for all. And the assortment is widening. Every year at least one new item is added to the collection of Micro-vegetables. A collection, which is presented as ‘Architecture Aromatique’.

With March 2011 Koppert Cress has started an unique tour in Italy, managed by Andreja Lajh, by organizing each month a dinner in one of the restaurants of the region to present the rich kingdom of Koppert Cress flavours through creativity of a great chef. Tasting the different micro plants, wonderfully presented by Enrico Zallot, marketing manager of Koppert Cress for Italy, and then enjoying them incorporated into the wonderful creations of excellent Italian chefs is always an unforgetable experience.

Each event is dedicated to invited chefs and journalists, some places are left also for passionate foodies who want to take part of this unique event.

The first stop was in Friuli Venezia Giulia (photos) at “La Subida” with the great Alessandro Gavagna and Ana Roš . The second one was in Lombardia (photos) with Nicola Cavallaro, the third one was in Emilia-Romagna (photos) at “I Portici” with talented Guido Haverkock, the fourth was in Piemonte with the great Pier Bussetti (photos). Our fifth stop was in Tuscany at the legendary La Tenda Rossa (photos).

Our sixth stop was in Lazio, in the stunning scenography of Villa Grazioli, with a wonderful dinner created by talented chef Fabio Lai. Excellent wines were offered by  the winery Bressan:​m/

Next stop: on October 17th the Koppert Cress dinner will take place in Napoli at Palazzo Petrucci. Dinner will be created by the great Lino Scarallo.

The wonderful Villa Grazioli (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

The stunning view from the villa (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Guests are arriving (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Koppert Cress tasting with a view (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Enrico Zallot with "his" micro vegetables (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Koppert Cress gains always a big curiosity and attention (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Appetiers in one of the beautiful halls of Villa Grazioli (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Nice atmosphere in wonderful ambience of Villa Grazioli (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Happy gathering (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

... and time for dinner (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Everybody is ready to taste creations of Fabio Lai (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Melone soup perfumed with Grand Marnier with sicilian shrimps and grains of prosciutto (with borage cress, daikon cress) (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Tartar of marinated tuna, yogurt and vanilla oil (with atsina cress, honny cress) (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Ravioli filled with potatoes, menta and pecorino with shellfish and its bisque (with salicornia, oyster leaves) (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Slice of sea bass bamboo from asparagus with butter and corn cream (with basil cress) (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Happy hours (Cosmpolitan cocktail in venus vase, fruit tramezzini) (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Koppert Cress is making plates more beautiful and tasty (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Fulvio Bressan, the great winemaker from Friuli is talking with guests about his wines (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

The Bressan wines (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Enrico Zallot (Koppert Cress) chatting with guests (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Wanting to know better the products (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Chantal Mastrogiacomo (Villa Grazioli) proudly presenting Fabio Lai (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Conversations at the end of the dinner. Everybody was happy. (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

Goodbye wonderful Villa Grazioli (Photo: Paolo Picciotto)

See you in October in Napoli!


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