Teranum in Trieste

The Consortium of Teran wine is inviting you to visit Teranum, which will take place in Piaza della Borsa in Trieste from the 17th till the 19th of December. Carpe Diem club is inviting you to visit on Friday 17th of December the event with us and to join us in the evening at the special dinner in Karst all dedicated to Teran of different wine makers (more about the CDC event is at the bottom).

Teran is gaining on importance because of the great care and passion of the producers who were able to create wines  which are rich in colour and antioxidants, fresh and contain less alcohol then most of other red wines.

To present the rich heritage of Karst and specially the Teran wine was organised Teranum which will present Teran and other red wines of about 25 wine makers from Italian and Slovenian Karst. In the three days of the festival you will be able to taste and buy the wines of the most important wineries of the Karst.

Tastings and sales of wines will take place in the period of Advent when Trieste shines in colours and lights and will offer to the walkers an even more magical atmosphere. In Piazza della Borsa will be built a special structure in glass where guests will be able to enter freely and enjoy the wines on Friday afternoon and all the Saturday and Sunday. Beside Teran you will be able to enjoy also other red wines and typical products of the territory like Prosciutto del Carso,  cheese and typical home made bread. Available will be also guided tastings under the guidance of sommeliers and with presence of the wine makers.

Which wine makers will be there?  Ferfoglia, Bajta, Kovač, Lupinc, Milič, Skerlj, Zidarich, Grgič, Castello di Rubbia, Kocjančič, Parovel, Škerk, Kante, Bole, Castelvecchio, Colja, Renčel, Čotar, Lisjaks, Škerlj, Štoka, Orel, Rebula, Širca – Kodrič



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