For all Chocolovers!

Who doesn’t like chocolate? It’s one of the most loved ingredients and one of those which offer the wider possibilities of use. So I am warmly inviting you to discover the chocolate world with me. In October 2014 I have launched London Chocolovers, a lovely project sponsored by Cacao Barry, one of the best gourmet chocolates. Through … Continue reading

Salvador Dalí’s cookbook “Les diners de Gala”

Salvador Dalí was, beside being a great artist, also a great epicurean. He specially loved good food. Less known is the fact that at young age he wanted to become a cook. Later, in the year 1973, he has captured his passion for cooking in the wonderful and rare book  titled ”Les Diners de Gala” in which he has featured 136 … Continue reading

Massimo Bottura and Alain Ducasse at Eataly NY

The great Massimo Bottura, Italian chef who was many times nominated as one of the best worldwide and was last year proclaimed also as the Italian chef of the year,  was in 1993 gaining some knowledge also at Louis XV, the flagship restaurant od Alain Ducasse in Montecarlo. “You’ve learned the technique, now you have … Continue reading

Recipe: Eggplant parmigiana by chef Alfonso Iaccarino

  Eggplant parmigiana recipe by Chef Alfonso Iaccarino from Don Alfonso restaurant in Sorrento: an easy Italian recipe for one of the tastiest vegetable dishes. Recipe: This recipe is taken from the book “La cucina del cuore” by Alfonso Iaccarino, published by Mondadori  

Croccantino of foie gras with balsamic heart by Massimo Bottura

An unusual stick of ice cream: Croccantino of foie gras with balsamic vinegar heart by the Italian chef Massimo Bottura Ingredients: Duck foie gras 400 g Milk 2 l Birra Moretti Lager 30 ml Cinnamon1 stick Cloves 10 g Almonds 30 g, bitter and sweet, from Noto Hazelnuts 30 g, from Piedmont Sugar 50 g Water 20 ml Vanilla pod 1/2 The peel of … Continue reading

Lobster with vegetables and Prosecco by Tomaž Kavčič

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Tomaž Kavčič, one of the best Slovenian chefs, resides in the wonderful Zemono manor. He is known for his creative playful approach which often involves all senses into his culinary experiences. . . Recipe for 4 persons Ingredients: 1 lobster cca 0,700/1,00 … Continue reading

Pepper … red crispy with creamed cod, green with salmon eggs and dehydrated olives, yellow with tuna foam by Ernesto Iaccarino

(english version will follow here soon) per la spuma di tonno : 400 g tonno sott’olio 40 g carota 10 g sedano 20 g porro 120 g albumen. 3 fogli colla di pesce 30 g olio extravergine per la salsa di peperone: 400 g peperone giallo pulito 50 g cipollotto 100 g brodo vegetale per … Continue reading

Coca-Cola’s top secret recipe uncovered?

Alcohol, coriander oil and nutmeg oil are among the ingredients listed in what a radio show claims is the original recipe for Coca-Cola. A public radio show in the US claims to have uncovered the top secret recipe for Coca-Cola. Weekly radio show This American Life, based out of Chicago, says they’ve discovered the original recipe, … Continue reading

Crystalized dandelion leaves with yoghurt and honey

Ingredients (for 1 person): 40 g dandelion leaves Flour, cold water Oil for frying 60 ml yoghurt Salt, pepper 10 g acacia honey Mix the flour with the cold water to get a smooth batter. Clean, wash and dry the dandelion leaves. Dip them in the water batter and fry quickly. Strain and season with … Continue reading

The Original Rum to Spice up Holidays

For the holidays, get inspired by the rum that sounds like it inspired the original “yo-ho-ho.” “According to 17 Century legend, sailors traveling the Atlantic returned to England with casks of Mount Gay from Barbados as proof of having completed their ocean crossing. Today, sailors and connoisseurs alike regard Mount Gay Rum as proof of … Continue reading